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A word of warning: all reviews are my own opinions, which means they may be snarky, or lazy, or super intelligent (to myself only). Specifically be wary of anything that reads Rosie's Cuts because that means I have probably completely axed out sections of that drama from my memory, in order to create a better drama for myself in my head. All Halfway Reports will be non-spoilerish. Any Reviews that contain spoilers will be properly marked long before you get there, so don't be afraid to read the intros. Unreviewables are mini reviews of dubious quality. Obviously I have seen many more dramas than I have written about. My complete list of drama ratings can be found here.  

The Heart Meter

To better categorize and sort my favorite dramas from my less favorite, I introduce to you this extremely original test that may or may not even follow the given rules of rating and rank: 

Rating 1-6        Rating 7        Rating 8        Rating 9           Rating 10 
No Hearts          One Heart       Two Hearts     Three Hearts      Four Hearts
X                       ♥                   ♥                  ♥                    


Korean Drama


Alice in Cheongdamdong: Review   
Bridal Mask: Review  
Can We Get Married?: Review ♥ 
Damo: Review
Dream High: Rosie's Cuts 

Flower Boy Next Door: Unreviewable 
Full House Take 2: Rosie's Cuts 
God's Quiz 1: Review  
Heirs: Unreviewable
Hotelier: Review  
I Hear Your Voice: Unreviewable  
Innocent Man: Review  
Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love: Review ♥ 
Joseon X-Files: Unreviewable 

Monstar: Unreviewable   
Nine Times Time Travel: Review  
Pasta: Review ♥ 
Que Sera Sera: Review ♥ 
Rebirth - Next: Review ♥ 
School 2013: Halfway Report  
Seoul's Sad Song: Review 
Spring Waltz: Halfway Report | Final Report ♥ 

Taereung National Village: Review ♥ 
That Winter the Wind Blows: Review 
To the Beautiful You: Review ♥ 
Two Weeks: Unreviewable

Year in Review : What I Missed 2012 |

What I Missed 2013 

DRAMA CLUB:  The Master's Sun**

Ep 1-2 | Ep 3-8 | Ep 9-17

TopicalExorcising My Obsession | Noraebang Scenes | Drama Food I Crave* | Villains of Kdrama: Dare I Say Boring?


Japanese Drama


Akumu Chan: Review  
Bara no nai Hanaya: Review 
Bloody Monday: Review ♥ 
Buzzer Beat: Review ♥ 

Kami no Shizuku: Review 
Kazoku Game: Review ♥ 
Kimi wa Petto: Review ♥ 
Last Cinderella: Unreviewable 
Last Friends: Review ♥ 
Liar Game: Review  
Love Shuffle: Review ♥ 

Majo no Jouken: Review ♥ 
Maou: Unreviewable 
Mr. Brain: Unreviewable 
Orthros no Inu: Review ♥ 
Otomen: Unreviewable 
Pride: Review ♥ 
Zenkai Girl: Review 

DRAMA CLUB: ♥ Mischievous Kiss/Itazura na Kiss**
Ep 1-4 | Ep 5-6 | Ep 7 | Ep 8-9 | Ep 10-11 | Ep 12 | Ep 13-14 | 15-16 

TopicalMusings on the Jdrama | Need More Jdramas!


Taiwanese Drama

Devil Beside You: Review

Easy Fortune Happy Life: Review 
Pursuit of Happiness: Halfway Report  
Summer's Desire: Review ♥ 

Chinese Drama  

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Review ♥ 


All About K-Pop

A Touch of K-Pop 2013:  

March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December 

A Touch of K-Pop 2014:
Jan-March |

Block B: Honest Thoughts 1 | Honest Thoughts 2: Blocktober Special| The Pits of Fangirldom


K-Pop in the Family: Sharing the Love 

K-Pop Music Industry: Just Part of This System 
Definitions of the K-Pop Bias: A Very Biased Report 
K-Pop Songs to Troll the World: The First 10 | 
KCON: Anticipating KCON 2013 **



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Variety: Review-We Got Married Global

All Asian Drama Related

So You Remember Your First Drama?
How to: Convert Your Friends Into Drama-Fanatics* 
The Great Asian Dramathon
Detectives in Dramaland *

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