Sunday, December 1, 2013

Halfway Report: The Pursuit of Happiness (2013)

The Pursuit of Happiness

Episodes Seen: 7/16 

I’ve been on a small Taiwanese drama binge of late – part of my broader plan of self-education. And what I’ve discovered is that when it comes to the Twdrama, I usually love it, or hate it. And when I find one I love, I think ‘That’s it. There’ll never be another one just as good!’ - Says me upon finishing In Time With You. So wait, the currently airing Pursuit of Happiness is produced by the same team?!? I’m in!

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  1. Hehe I'm so happy you are watching POH. :D I totally laughed at your character descriptions, particularly about Wei Ting & Hai Lun because it is so true!!!!

    1. I need to catch up on the most recent eps (slacker!) but I kind of love Hai Lun, and I came out all ready to hate her guts. Lol