Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Touch of K-Pop: March '13

It's the middle of week, nobody's home but me and my cat - I had planned to watch upwards of 7 drama episodes this day from 4 different shows I'm currently watching. What do I do instead? Get ridiculously side-tracked by K-Pop. As usual. 

Welcome to my new feature, where once a month I discuss my current thoughts on K-Pop: what's new, what's old, whatever thoughts that suddenly run through my head! Basically, an excuse to dish, fangirl, wail or bemoan, and link all kinds of brightly colored MVs. Bear with me for a bit. 

What's New:
Infinite's comeback with MV "Man in Love" and by the way, all I noticed was the CAT!  I like Infinite, I really do - but once I got over "Paradise" and "Be Mine" (dance practice versions), every other song of theirs takes months for me to warm up to. I suspect this new one will be no different. 

Man, I'm in love... with this kitty! Also, Hoya. But I think that has a lot to do with his role in Answer Me, 1997 (and being an awesome dancer) more than anything else. 

Read more for praises of EYK, itunes gift cards, Zico's eyelashes, G-Dragon's red lips, and - yes, I'm going to say it: Teen Top. Also, what on earth has P.O. been doing lately??

What's Old:
I follow Eat Your Kimchi regularly these days, but I admit I just got around to watching the original version of "I Lost My Pants" just this week. Seriously, how did I live my life before I found Simon and Martina? Still so much amazing-ness yet to see..

Prioritized Thought of the Moment:  
"When is my new iTunes gift card coming in the mail! That's $100 of potential K-Pop music! That's like 100 songs!! (or not..) But a lot of songs I could be buying right. this. minute!"

Bias Report: 
Found several old pictures of my Block B's Zico from the "Nalina" days, and somehow I cannot get over his gorgeous eyes and eye lashes! How are they just so unique? 

In other news: G-Dragon now wears red lipstick, and he wears it well. It even merited its own Seoulbeats article "Big Bang's G-Dragon Goes Red".  So, that's gotta say something... doesn't it? 

In the Family:
My mother also just became introduced to CNBlue. I'm such a proud daughter. She already adores BIGBANG and Block B. 

Confession Time:
I found a Teen Top song and MV that I absolutely cannot stop watching!! I swear, I do not like any other song of theirs (ever!) and I get a little freaked out by how young these guys are. Also, Niel's face. It's just... odd. 

But "Miss Right" is my current fangirl obsesssion: 

The song is kind of catchy, and I don't know why, but the music video amuses the hell out of me.  I don't even care that the 'story' is dumb and practically non-existant. Apparently my senses react well to the combination of brightly colored hair, slick (and sometimes stupid) dance moves, and a touch of adolescent humor. 

Sadly, the catchiest hook is the line "she of the long straight hair" so I guess they're not singing about me and my long curly hair. *sniffs, keeps singing*  K-Pop idols, you're missing out. These curls are all natural...

Questionable Entertainment:
Block B's hip hop line is well known for putting out tons and tons of mix-tapes. Zico and Kyung were up 'til recently the most prolific, and their songs are some of my most played tracks on my iPod.  

And then there is P.O., the maknae and bass rapper who has in about 2 weeks released as of now 12 mix-tapes of varying degrees of Simpson's style amusement.  Check out "Amino Acid" for a good taste of what I mean.  I'm a BBC, so I guess that means I'll keep clicking on each new track - but I think one allkpop commenter said it best: "Awww, P.O.'s trying to sound all badass! It's cute." 

An Edit for Twinkie:
Older YG artist Se7en left for the army this week.  Here's a short letter for him - Oppa, by the time you come back, I shall know many more of your songs, and be able to recognize your face in all situations, and will be properly excited and fangirly.  Don't get hurt or injured, and let there be no wars involving S. Korea (please please please). Also - if you see Yoo Seung Ho out there, give him a hug for all of his noonas. :)  Love, Rosie


  1. Wait, whut? GD wears red lipstick? And I thought nothing about him could surprise me anymore.

    1. Indeed.. gotta love his bravado. Not any guy would put on the red lipstick. xD

  2. I just noticed it :O
    you forgot to mention SE7EN leaving for the army :'(
    *angry fangirl*
    ahaha just kidding ;)

    1. *coughs* I didn't forget about him.... what are you even talking about... *looks around innocently*

    2. thanks <3
      and it's not difficult to recognize his face :D
      you'll see

  3. OMG I love this post! I'm very very new to INIFINITE (okay, thanks Reply 1997 for introducing me to Hoya) and I do agree their songs are like... nothing great, at all. But their dance moves though? Homg swoooon. Hahahaha 8)

    1. I think I like the songs only because I can visualize all the dance moves. I even tried to learn the chorus to Paradise :x It's so hard! But so much fun!

  4. Oh, I had to say thanks for recommending "Miss Right". I love this song, even though I don't know absolutely anything about Teen Top. But I guess it's about time I got myself acquainted with them. And I actually got long straight hair, so this song is just right for me :D

    1. I'd been avoiding them on principle.. whatever that principle was now, I'm not sure. Maybe the unfortunate but increasing irrelevance of their name, lol. But Yup. It's pretty great :) The live versions aren't to be missed either!