Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DRAMA CLUB: The Master's Sun, Episodes 9-17

The Master's Sun
주군의 태양

Well, well, well - so the Master's Sun is over, and you know what? The Hong Sisters didn't make me hate them this time around *coughsbigcoughs* So I give them a splendid round of applause.

I won't try to write a full review anytime, because looking at it on an episode per episode basis was already stretching the amount of analysis I wanted to put into it. Could a person find more detail in the drama to disect? Sure. And therefore it'll probably be done by many others around the blogosophere. Me, I enjoyed watching each week on a fluff-level basis, and between moving to a new home, being internet-less for over a week, and then having surgery and a slow-as-hell recovery, I'm still glad that I found the time fangirl a little with my two other Drama Club members Drama Debussie and Vivi and write a few episode reviews for DramaFever


  1. The coffee kid confused me because the subs suggested he was in a coma (the whole SAT thing, why would that be mentioned if he was dead), but Girlfriday just referred to him as 'passing on', which suggests he died. That wasn't what I took away from the scene, so I'm going with the coma thing. Oh, I was about to say that I'd love it if he met Gong Shil one day but then I realised that he won't remember her, boo :-(. Also, I liked this line - "because all it takes for Gong Shil to become worthy of the love of our Giant Mall tycoon is suddenly earning money, a little confidence, money, a reassured standing of who she is in life, money and owning an apartment building)." lol

    1. I fully believe Coffee Kid was in a coma. And that he was like Gong Sil and that's why the other guy could see him and kept him around as well. So yeah, not dead in my opinion.

      Oooh how it annoys me (and makes me laugh and sigh) when female leads think that to become 'equal' to their man just means a change in the social standing, which of course only wealth can bring. Kdramas... materialistic to the end. :P