Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Touch of K-Pop: August '13

I just have one thing of note:
What's that, girls?? 

Actually, that is not all. But yes, Block B is returning under new management company 7 Seasons (which is somehow still affiliated with Stardom, but.. not?) and is rumored to be working on a comeback for late September or probably October 2013. Yesss! For all the hits this blog gets on the ever hopeful "block b comeback 2013" search results, I can finally announce that we have good news! It's Block B time!!! 

In the words of my favorite comment I found online (sorry I've lost the original source): 

Don't know who these guys are? Check out my initial history + thoughts about Block B HERE.

OH YEAH - I went to KCON and it was phenomenal. Still working on my review!


  1. I'm happy to hear they are coming back, too. I just hope they will maintain their musical style. And I love that GIF, they are so derpy.

    Waiting for your KCON review :)

    1. I guess we shall see! All I know is that so far there hasn't been a single song of theirs that I disliked (okay well maybe just 1..) but for 3ish albums, that's kind of incredible. Or, it just speaks for my obviously brilliant taste in music ;)

      I can't imagine that whatever deal they've made with the new management that Zico would give up his creative/producing rights. He's too talented and skilled to do so, so I'm hoping things won't be changed up too much.

      KCON is late in coming. I'm moving.. tomorrow. Oh crap! And for some reason I have no internet at home. It kind of sucks.

  2. Their whole situation is so weird, I don't understand how they can just switch to another company but still be affiliated with Stardom, lol. But whatever, the important thing is that they're back, woo hoo!

    1. I just hope that this agreement they've made is legit, because it seems like so far the guys have been pretty staunch in what they want and what they want to do in this situation. If they finally agreed to this, maybe it's because they feel confident enough that it'll work out. *butomgImstillsoscared!* Block B fighting!!

  3. As a huuuuge fan I almost wept when they announced their comeback. I'm glad to see they conquered those who were against them.