Friday, May 31, 2013

A Touch of K-Pop: May '13

Get ready for more K-pop monthly ramblings, and I very nearly missed the whole month of May! Self-deadlines are the worst. You only hurt yourself if you don’t keep them, so who cares about that? (Confession: me, deep down). 

2pm, being used and abused

What’s Up This Month?

After a mostly uneventful April, May was just hopping with comebacks and I must say, I fangirled more this month than I have the whole year, and mostly over groups I didn’t even like a month ago. The biggest thing that happened is that 2pm finally showed up on my radar with two new MVs (the titles of which are too long to type, and more troublesome than writing this very long explanatory sentence). The first was just of meh in my books. The second, which I’ll abbreviate as ADTOY, had me going: “Oh s*#t where’d these guys come from - and those falsettos! *squeal*’ 

Maybe the song is standard garden variety, but the overall sex appeal has to be girl-universal. Actually, I don’t even love the MV as much. It’s too… overstated, and while I appreciate chocolate abs, even I feel uncomfortable being forced to stare at 2pm shirtless and surrounded by girls.  (Some things are best left to the imagination, ya know?) The song though made it to *loop-repeat* status on my playlist. And Nichkhun was added to my bias list. Congrats to Nichkhun. If we ever meet, I’ll give you a cookie.

Continue on for my thoughts on B.A.P, EXO, Beast, B1A4 and more!

What’s Old

B.A.P. (Yeah, they’re old news). But I’d just like to include a conversation I had with my sister-in-law about BAP and their “Stop It” MV. Apparently she completely ignored their short-lived cutesy phase:
(*ahem* Ignore the parts about us fangirling about Teen Top, because that’s just too embarrassing)

Note: "water those flowers" stands for something else"

What’s New

Something about an “oolf”? I dunno. Might have heard of these guys before… seem vaguely familiar. I think people talk about them occasionally… very occasionally… and post the spare picture of them every now and then… Personally, I think they could add a few dozen more the pack. Nobody would notice.
*prepares self for the onslaught of EXO pics on Pinterest*

Wolf vs. Chicken + Pig = Dinner?

Oh, that one was actually good! Maybe I’ll be able to live through this Exotic nightmare after all…

Beast Mode

Prioritized thought of the week: BEAST is coming back! OMG! I can’t wait!

Here’s a little something about me and Beast. See, I don’t fangirl about the Beast guys. It’s strange. But musically, I love them 3rd right after Bigbang and Block B. I have a bias Hyunseung, but while I find his personality interesting and a little strange, it’s mostly because of his voice. On three different occasions without realizing it I picked him out as my favorite singer, and when I realized months later that each time I’d chosen Hyunseung, well… we got us a winner. But I don’t watch endless YouTube clips of Beast being cute, or goofing around, and I’ve never sat down to watch them on any sort of variety program.

Beast is a musical obsession only. I just like their sound, their feel, their style, and the fact that I can listen to an entire album through without jumping around or skipping to my favorite songs. And just TRY making me listen to one song only. Nope. Just one song activates what I call *Beast Mode* and 30 minutes later (to an hour), I’m still listening to Beast.

*activating Beast mode*

Something in Texas?

I heard something about a possible B1A4 appearance in Texas for this fall. Seems like some agency is currently polling on where they could go for a fan meeting and/or concert(?) I can’t seem to figure out where to contribute to this poll, but I heard it and got ridiculously excited and then went: “Wait.. I don’t even like B1A4!?!”

I’ll admit, their latest song “What’s Happening” is a current favorite of mine, and I even watched the dance practice version and fangirled a little bit. But I think this is more a case of being K-Pop deprived living in the middle of the country, that I’m already calculating how much time it would take to get to the 4 nearest big cities, just to go see a group who only has 1 song I like… 

*hangs head in shame – continues calculating*

I’ll keep it short this week, before I end up admitting that I’ve spent a large portion of the month watching Teen Top fancams from their first solo Korean concert… *doh!* Too late! I’m getting out of here. right. now!


  1. This article pretty much sums up my opinions on the KPop comebacks for this month. I am so happy that 2pm and Bilasa (yes, Bilasa) released singles that I actually like! *fangirl squee* But I'm really confused about Exo's song "Oolf." Is the "W" another letter that's difficult for Koreans to pronounce? o.O

    Btw Sis, I may have ignored BAP's aegyo phase, but I cannot overlook our blatant Teen Top fangirling. We sure have become shameless fangirls hehe XP

    1. Oh just wait until you move back in - I'll show you some Real vids to fangirl over ;)