Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Great Asian Dramathon

Second only to Coffee Prince, this is Gong Yoo at his
funniest, from Biscuit Teacher, Star Candy
Perks of the Dramathon 

  1. Cliff-hanger endings? Hah!
  2. Complete immersion: A feeling of oneness with the characters
  3. Pure accomplishment – One drama down, on to the next!
  4. Less chance of forgetting side-characters’ names
  5. Your cat likes you more if you sit in one place without moving for hours at a time…

Disadvantages of the Dramathon 
  1. Missed anticipation of next week’s plot twists or revelations
  2. Sense of unreality when it’s over: What do I do with my life now?
  3. What if I watch all the good ones, and then there’s no more dramas left?!
  4. Side characters who might have been funny become obnoxious at close intervals
  5. Your cat starts to get really heavy, like a giant fuzzy furnace…
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by SeRose


  1. Great post! Now that I'm past the total newbie phase, it's like how to watch the drama has become just as important as what drama I'm watching ;) Do I wait for some rainy day and marathon? Do I limit myself to a few episodes a week? Do I start watching something before its finished airing?

    ::sigh:: The horrible decisions we must make as victims of Kdrama obsession.

  2. LOLs :P My dogs love to cuddle with me while I am dramathoning :)

    1. I can't imagine if I had dogs! It's hard enough to manage the cat when she wants to sit right on top of my computer!

  3. My cat totally takes the chance when he sees me sitting down and watching dramas, though he gets really annoyed whenever I start laughing out loud.
    But yeah, I do feel accomplished whenever I have finished a drama. Mostly because I usually drop most of the shows half way.
    Anyways, funny post :) Keep it up.

    1. I seldom truly 'drop' a drama.. because it makes me sad, even if it horrible. Plus, I usually hold out for at least something redeeming, or I just want to know what happens. Truthfully, a small percentage of my 'dramathons' were me sitting at a computer screen, hand on mouse fast-forwarding, just so that I could get to the end.. I probably lose out doing things like that (namely time and brain cells) but I still get a sense of accomplishment out of it. ;)

  4. "Your cat likes you more if you sit in one place without moving for hours at a time…"
    Lol, you tell no lies -___-
    I really like your blog! I have a k-drama/k-pop/random things >_>... blog myself :)
    You should check it out!

    K-Pop: The Ultimate Audition!

    Full House:

  5. You know, I haven't really done a dramathon in a while. Either I start midway of airing because the anticipation is killing me, or because I end up dropping the dramas I intended to watch. Maybe I should start to sit myself down and get through the dramas but it's been hard.

    1. To be honest, I haven't done a full dramathon in a few months (I consider 1 drama in at least 2 days a full dramathon). Just haven't had the time, or the inclination.. or yes, I've been attempting to watch currently airing shows instead. :)