Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Noraebang - Karaoke Korean Style

I'd sing if, well... he was singing too.
I admit it. I've never done karaoke. Years of peer pressure, and I've never even once allowed myself to be dragged within 100 feet of a karaoke machine, public or private.  Just the thought of one of these devil machines has haunted my childhood for years.  It's not that I'm a bad singer, I just hate the spotlight.  Singing in front of people, be they friends or strangers, sends a paralyzing touch to my legs, and a curious rattling to my bones.  I prefer my car, or the shower, or my home when absolutely nobody is around.  And I mean absolutely nobody... I even check my windows to make sure my neighbors are safely inside their own homes, and not drinking beer on the porch, primed to start laughing at my pathetic attempt of a high note, or even worse...a feeble resemblance to something that at one point might have been swag.
But some days, I really wish I could just visit a noraebang 노래방, pop in some money and rap my heart away in a foreign language.  Let's just hope that there are no actual Koreans around, because that would be plain embarrassing.  Also in this alternate reality world, I would be able to read Hangul at a much faster pace.  Right now, the best I might be able to do is a slow ballad with repeating lyrics.  Scratch that.  I'm going to make this happen in the real world someday.  But I think I'll to have to approach it like a mid-term test, and study study study. Here's my cheat sheet:

G-Dragon, A Boy 소년이여 
Random thought: Why does his hair still look better than mine after I wake up?

Chorus (Actual text)

Remember back in that day  빛나던 꿈을
난 절대 잊지 못해 그 때 그 꿈을
Don’t forget back in that day 소년이여
네 멋진 목소리로 세상에 소리쳐 shine a light

Chorus (Romanized)

Remember back in that day Bitnadeun ggoomeul
nan juldae itji mothae geuddae geu ggomeul
Don't forget back in that day sonyeoneeyeo
Ni mutjin moksoriro saesangeh sorichu shine a light

Chorus (Rosie's phonetical version)
Remember back in that day peenado WOO WOO
nanja-day itchy moo-tay koo-day guu woo woo
Don't forget back in the day sohyahneee YUH
akjaoiewyvlkajpeorjkviedafapsdewur  SHINE A LIGHT!!~!!
Yeah, ok so that song never sounds as good as I want it sound, but it's the thought that counts right? I'll have to practice some more before I visit a real noraebang... In the meantime, how about I leave you with some of my favorite Kdrama noraebang scenes.

# 5  Dream High

Dear Wooyoung, your voice may not be the
prettiest, but I'll still give you an A for Angst.

While I'm not really in love with Dream High right now, I have been enjoying the cuteness that is Jason (2PM's Wooyoung) and Pil Suk (IU) skirting around each other adorably, aching just to...sing with one another.
# 4  Protect the Boss

Somebody needs to give that boy a hug, or ear plugs.
Will anyone forgive me for not knowing until after this scene, that our beloved Cha Moo Won was actually the Hero Jaejoong of DBSK and now of JYJ? I think I was a little behind the times. Don't worry, I'm still making up for my lack of K-Pop knowledge. 

# 3  My Lovely Kim Sam Soon

Note their different expressions: Sam Soon's
would closely mirror mine in this 

Ahh, but who wouldn't love Hyun Bin drunk and dancing around, his tie around his forehead like a hideous 80s work-out routine? It's only in front of his future in-laws. No sweat! Seriously (went there, yeah I'm sorry).

# 2  Answer Me, 1997

Work those hips, Hoya. Work it!

This boy was my introduction to the awesomeness that is Infinite's dancing. What's unrelated is the hilariousness of the scene, arguable one of my favorites (though there's so many from this drama to chose from) when Joon Hee bursts into the room bent to impress... his noona?!? *cue sheep banter*

# 1  Lie to Me

Strangers? Just pretending? Whatever...

Say what you will about this drama (I know, I know, it ends lame), but in no other noraebang situations have I ever seen such sizzling chemistry. The song's even about ice cream! How does that even work?

And Here's the Bonus Fry:

If only all karaoke experiences ended like this...