Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rosie's Cuts: Dream High (2011)

"Or How I Learned to Stop Hating, and Love the Secondary OTP"

Dream High

I couldn't squeal enough! Dream High is a beautiful love story between two aspiring singers set in the fictional school of Kirin High. This show has everything: the love, the music, the story, the plot, conflict and resolution, and the most adorable OTP you've ever seen:

Confused yet?  Well this is a review where I conveniently forget about everything I hated about Dream High, and instead focus on the only part of the drama I actually found compelling. I shall again redirect your attention to the most adorable OTP you’ve ever seen on the small screen, as pictured above.  

Jason (played by 2PM’s Wooyoung) is a bad-boy Engrish speaking super dancer whose audition for Kirin High ranks him No. 1 out of all the incoming freshmen.  Kim Pil Suk (played by the adorable IU) is a chubby girl in a Miss Sushi outfit, whose body type doesn't make “Future Idol” standards, but her voice is so gifted, she's allowed entry into the school in spite of her looks.

Obviously, Jason is super popular. All the girls want to dance with him; all the boys want to emulate him; and Pil Suk falls madly in love.  But is Jason’s friendly attitude towards Pil Suk simply because he has good manners, or because he actually likes her?? *gasps* I don’t know! Does he or doesn’t he? What is it that always makes him stick up for her, open doors for her, want to sing with her, or when he gets frustrated, drag her away to sing karaoke with her? I’m just going to hold out on the hope that he’s secretly coming to luuurve her. It’s okay.  We’ll just call it ‘manners’ for now.

Because, unfortunately this is a K-Drama, and we all know that Koreans (or at least idols and famous people) are super skinny, like toothpicks, and that we’re not going to have any real romance until Pil Suk undergoes a serious transformation.  Cue before and after picks:

We'll just take the writer' word for it that you can even lose 30kg in 200 days.

The obnoxious part of this plotline is that Pil Suk does this initially because of Jason.

"If I lose weight and come back prettier, would that change your answer?"

The redeeming part of this plotline is that, afterwards, Pil Suk grows a back bone.

"It was really hard for me to lose weight...I almost died. But when I think I
 went through all of that because of you, I feel my efforts were just a bit wasted."
Take that, Jason!

Finally!  A realistic plot line with emotional heft! I love these guys so much. 

Let me take a moment to address the rest of the plot.  There's a bratty girl at the mercy of loan sharks (my favorite character-types, both girl and shark), a pretty boy on a motorcycle (he really is pretty), a cute country bumpkin (with great hair), and a whole extra side-cast of revenge driven females, evil deep-voiced principals, nice and mostly well-meaning teachers, not to mention JYP himself acting like a buffoon.  

What's the reason why I gave this drama only 6/10? See above paragraph. Dream High reminds me of everything I love about K-Dramas. Unfortunately, it reminds me of everything I hate about K-Dramas. Overloaded with the cute; over-weighted with the plain exasperating. And whoever put IU in a fat suit should be shot.  

Why did I keep on watching?  Would it be shallow of me to say it's because of the boys? The songs may have left me mostly unmoved, but something about Taecyeon's and Wooyoung's dance solos left me practically salivating! I was even thinking about transferring my V.I.P. allegiance to... ehh, actually no. Never mind. 

Why did I really keep on watching?  See pictures below.

The End.


  1. haha love it :3
    it's clear that Jason and Pil Suk is one of the cutest OTP ever :3
    I wanted to give a 4 to Dream High, but added 2 points just because of them ^^

    1. It's funny how we can come up with instinctual numbered ratings.. but without them I probably would have also given this a 4. XD

  2. *stalk, stalk, stalk, staaaaaaaalk*
    Who am I?

  3. Weirdly, I liked IU way better in her fat suit =X It was like she needed the costume to make a stab at acting. And I'm unsure how I feel about this couple's finale. Can't a fat girl ever have a Kdrama-style happy ending?

    On the other hand, I loved bumpkin Sam Dong more than words can convey.

    I watched this last winter, and the one thing I remember most about it is how cold everybody looked. Couldn't the budget survive some space heaters?

    1. The big happy daycare family?? Lol. Remember my words: where I conveniently forget about everything I hated about this drama? Yeah, that's one of my noticeable ommisions too. :)

      Sam was cute. And I sooort of liked his ending, though I think the whole thing was just a major cop out, and that always goes a long way towards pissing me off.

      I think Dream High was just not meant to be my cup of tea. On the other hand, I just started Can We Get Married? and despite all predilections towards hating the entire premise of it, I'm strangely enamored.. Sung Joon may have something to do with it, but I actually liked the first 2 eps. :O

    2. I didn't want to like this drama, but it became more and more addicting for me as I watched it. Pil Suk was my favorite character. Taecyeon is quite possibly one of the only teeny bopper types that has ever left me drooling. I don't know what it is about him, but he's beautiful (which is probably creepy because I'm sure he must be much younger than me, at least like 5 or 6 years).

    3. Taecyeon was born in 88. So, not really that much younger than us ;) He was quite dreamy in it though.. It's the eyes, I'm positive.

  4. Well that certainly makes me feel better, only a year younger than me. Just has a baby face I guess lol. Good to know I'm not total creeper :P

  5. I was surprised that I liked this drama. But you're absolutely right. Aside from Sam Dong, this couple was the best thing it had going for it.

    1. I actually liked Sam Dong too, and even the other two leads and most of the side characters sort of grew on me, but by the time they did I was already bored of them, and the plotline at large. Really, it's not a horrible drama at all. It was just too average for me to really enjoy fully. :)