Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Detective's Corp. Journal in Dramaland

Some of you think I've been AWOL because I had surgery - I'm here to tell you that's all really a lie. I've actually been zipping about the universe with Twinklelie in a Blue Box exploring lands and worlds far away. 

But you know, the universe is a big and exhausting place so we recently decided to return to our roots and do some honest to goodness Dramaland exploration. You know all those places you keep seeing in dramas, and then you see another drama and it's the same damn place?!? Yeah those. Follow our travels through Japan and South Korea on


  1. This article is awesome ! I actually was also planning to do a lil investigation, 'cause it'd be great to be able to visit all these places when you're a drama fan ! Thank you so much for the great work ! (

    1. Thanks! It was fun to research a lot of these locations- had to do a lot of rewatching of dramas (ahh such a hard life!) ;)