Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kdrama Review: Can We Get Married? (2012)

Can We Get Married?
우리가 결혼할 수 있을까

Wow, I almost didn’t finish this drama. At least twice during my long run, it ended up on my dropped list. Each time I revived it and kept on going. Overall I’m glad I did. It’s hard to categorize this drama, let alone rate it. My 7 is an estimable guess, an average of the joy and exasperation Can We Get Married? brought to my life.

What's it about and why did I keep going? Four couples from four different walks of life duke it out. Seriously. That’s about it. Some are fighting to get married; some are fighting to stay married.  But while the in-fighting and in-laws are over the top and hair-wrenchingly vexing, somehow, somewhere, a Kdrama did something unlike many a drama: it brought a little realism to this world – not a ton, mind you. This is still a drama after all.  But in the characterizations it brings to the screen, especially in our lead couple, the cute but petty Hye Yoon, and her salaryman fiancé Jung Hoon.

Honorable mention in my book also goes to Hye Yoon’s older married sister and her cheating husband. (Never thought I’d say that before!) But honestly, they kept me more invested in the drama than anyone else.  Who is the real villain? I can’t really say. They are flawed human beings, as human beings are wont to be. It’s a refreshing change, painful as that knowledge sometimes is. Extra honorable mention goes to the mothers. Oh, those women – how I love to hate them, and sometimes I hated hating them. No shallow stereotypical Kdrama moms are these (initial appearances aside). They’re as fully fleshed out as the rest of the cast, and almost as sympathetic (almost).

Think we look cute? Just wait 'til you see our mothers.

I think much has been said about this drama already, but it’s one of the few shows that I have actually recorded my thoughts per episode as I watched them. So instead of trying to fully justify myself on the drama as a whole, I’ve edited out the spoilers from my initial episode commentaries. So read more below for my episode play-by-play, including a few more cute pics of Sung Joon, and some of my favorite drama quotes:

Episode 1

Not sure yet if I'm setting myself up for fun and antics, or just pure torture. This definitely isn't dramathon-worthy, but maybe in small doses it'll work? I kind of like how candid this show is so far. Despite the premise of marriage-obsessed females, their lovers/douchebags of choice, and all the prospective in-laws, this episode was a lot less obnoxious that it could have been. So far, none of the female leads have overly annoyed me, and of course Sung Joon is just perfect.

So shall I play the stupid idiot who won't marry you, and maybe we can just be lovers?

Episode 2

It's a fact. This drama is just what I want at the moment. They kiss and fight, argue and hug, rearrange the shoe closet in a tizzy fit, and then become all sorts of cute. The mothers are ridiculous, and yet somehow relatable. The unmarried auntie is adorable. I can just see her riding a motorcycle now!

"In dramas, women bring a packed lunch and feed their men while they're driving." "Dramas are just dramas. Let's not compare."

Episode 3

The in-laws meet! Chaos ensues. Depressed and drunk people all around. I love it! I also want to take some make-up removal to Hye Yoon's mother's face. Oh well, we can't have everything.

"It's good to know one doctor and one lawyer in your life."
Well no wonder my life sucks, I should get to know some rich and talented professionals, and quick!

Yeobo, my character description told me I was pouty. So pout I will, for the entire drama!

Episode 4

Note: To all you unmarried girls. Getting married really doesn't have to be this hard! Just don't be a spoiled brat, and pick your in-laws wisely. ;)
That said, I'm liking Hye Yoon's mom more and more. She actually seems to have some depth of character, something we almost never get to see with a K-drama mom.
"I thought you'd live a happy life with the daughter of a famous law firm." "I thought I could use her for my ambition, but I was eventually controlled by her."
Well, at least someone figured this out before it was too late.

Episode 5

Okay it's a fact. Both of these mothers make me want to murder them. If you're going to be materialistic, be materialistic, and don't pretend to be all innocent and sweet about it instead. I’m officially renaming this show: Can We Elope?
I just wanted to marry the girl of my dreams. Why so hard??

Episode 6

How about the moms just never meet, ever. This show has no compassion on my poor nerves. I thought we were doing well enough with the battle of the mothers, and our lead couple's constant battles with them and each other. Now we have to throw in genuine second lead girl chaebol daughter as well? I'm worn out already!

"Where were you? I thought I told you to stay home."
"The hospital."
"Why there? I told you we were leaving."
"I thought running back and forth would keep me sane."
There we have it.. the definition of insanity..

Episode 7

This show is decidedly anti-Dramaland. I can't decide if I love this because its so different from just abut every Kdrama ever, or if I hate it. I'm going to go with like. I still have no idea what is going to happen from one moment to the next, but I've never seen a cast of characters as complex and fundamentally human as these are.

"I want you to be a drama guy, not a movie guy!"
Yes, sweetie, don't we all? Don't we all

Gosh, how should people know we're sisters? Our taste in men is soo different. 

Episode 8

The genders align. I love how father and son can bond even at this age! Also commendable: the typical 'buying girl clothes' scene isn't done with a man at all. It's the mother-in-law picking her future daughter's outfits. It’s probably more appropriate- why should men be the only fashion experts in Kdramas anyways?

"Now I know why a man is always buying his girlfriend clothes. It feels really great to see you wearing what I bought."
If only all problems were solved as easily...

Episode 9

Still chugging away, though it’s been a few weeks. This show gives me mood swings. How can I love it so much one minute, and hate it the next. The frightening thing, no matter which mood it puts me in, it's so well-written that I can't stop! Who knows how this will all end. I've given up thinking I can predict the next move.
I’ll also admit it. I kind of like watching the mothers (more than any other character) grow and change. Even if they annoy me more often than not.

Episode 10

Halfway mark, here we come! Why must they all cry so realistically? I want to see more of Dong Bi's character. She is an untapped wellspring in this show. I also want to see less mother/mother-in-law showdowns. Actually, I want a lot of things. Mostly, to not be traumatized by the time this show ends.
My verdict is now resting with firmly in the love category. I wonder how long this will last?

Oh hi! Don't mind me. I'm just the fifth guy who won't get the girl no matter how much money I make. 

Episode 11

Ohhh these creatures. They break my heart. But why is it I can't hate any of them? Even the second guy in our main love triangle is fully fleshed out and totally lovable. He's even practical, and keeps a trash bag in his car for drunk females to throw up in. 

Also: Dong Bi finally gets her say! 

"Lets just stop talking about this. You're the lead character, and I'm just your supporting actress. The world revolves around you and you only care about your problem."

Episode 13

It's kind of nice to see the mother and daughters rallying together - after all this time, it's strangely heartwarming. As for all of our OTPs? I think I know where they are going, but man this one tough journey. It's good to see Ki Joon finally wising up to this upcoming marriage of his. He's starting to crack! Come on, you can do it!

Episode 14

It seems like all the couples are currently beating each other up in one way or another. Positioning for the final showdown. Wish it would come sooner.
"It seems like everybody carries a bomb in their heart."
Thanks to this show, I can certainly believe it.

Shall we smile at each other while playing an epic battle of wits?
Oh yes, let's! This is my favorite game ever!

Episode 15

Slower paced than the previous episodes. I hope this isn't a trend. 3 different moms are now reflecting on how they've treated their children's marriages or future marriages. I'm not sure we've come to any conclusions yet. It irks me still that every scene with at least 2 women in it always becomes a cat fight. We've done this pattern now for what, 15 episodes?

Episode 16

Is it over yet? I think my love affair of this show is coming to a slow end. By this point, I would expect our characters to start acting a little more rationally, or at least to change somewhat.

You know what, maybe that's the whole problem. They're acting like normal people - and normal people don't grow and develop within the span of 20 episodes. Reality... Which brings me to:
"Yes, I lost to reality. I chose to be sensible, because I lost to reality."
Wtf? When I can figure out how that makes sense, I'll let you know. But I think it has something to do with reality.

Why do I have to play the lead jerk in this drama?
Sorry, that's what happens when actors begin to look old. 

Episode 17

This episode... I just can't. It's almost painful to watch the mothers. bickering. again. over the same. stupid things.

The only redeeming thing? Sung Joon's goofy grin (when he's not being plain out mad). Also, I'm basically watching this now for the divorcing couple. Strange, but I think they're the cutest couple right now. Deul Rae's giddiness is starting to get on my nerves. Must she be the only happen female character right now?

Episode 18

More fights, and people getting upset, and our young people acting way more mature than their parents.

"You know what a swan is like, right? It puts on airs of elegance, but its feet don't stop kicking in the water."
And that, is this story in a nutshell. Except for the people who just stuff their heads in the sand, ostrich style.

Episode 19

Drunk moms, unite! At two episodes to go, things really should be starting to resolve. Instead, our secondary couples begin going down the very same road our main couples have been goings through for the past 18 episodes.

"There is no man worth having if it just hurts myself."
I should've asked myself the same thing: 'There is no drama worth watching if it just makes me want to throw things at the wall.’

Good thing the women are watching this show just for us.
Yeah, having some eye candy is a nice way to soften the blow felled by this drama's womenfolk. 

Episode 20

Crazy, but I think we just got satisfactory conclusions for just about everybody. Some cheesy, some sad, some just plain old whatever. Have to say, even if the show did drive me crazy for 20 episodes, it definitely stays in touch with reality - one of the few things this show really had going for it.


In real life, crazy, ignorant, and immovable people really do exist, and sometimes, they just don't change.


  1. Enjoyed reading your post! I always search for synopses and reviews before picking which drama to invest hours on, spoilers notwithstanding. Your style is refreshing and hilarious! Hope to read more of your thoughts soon.

    1. Thanks! I don't always write do my reviews this particular way, because it's so much work - but I have the most fun with them when it's all over and done with. :) I'll try to do some more like this soon.

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