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School 2013
학교 2013

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I have to admit, I've been in a mini-drama slump for the past few weeks.  Well, almost a month.  Not that I haven't been watching anything, it's just that nothing has really grabbed me since Innocent Man aired its finale, and a giant hole was carved out of my drama-watching heart.  Like the good Kdrama fanatic that I am, I kept trying on for size a smattering of new dramas, old dramas, Japanese dramas; I even toyed with the idea of starting one of the many, many Taiwanese dramas that have been languishing in my PTW list for ages.  Yet nothing seemed to suit my taste.

Until I stumbled across School 2013

It was one of those flukes.  I'd missed the start of just about every other currently airing K-Drama (Missing You, King of Dramas), until there seemed no point in trying to catch up.  Honestly, I was just waiting for Flower Boy Next Door to come out next year.  But in the meantime, School was bouncing around harmlessly on my radar.  Did I really want to watch another high school drama?  Seemed very Biscuit Teacher-esque to me, and I barely got through that one, despite my love of its two leads.  I figured School would be just another blip on the high school drama genre.  Probably it was going to be funny and mostly light-hearted.  The cast seemed like one giant picture of pretty people.  It couldn't be that great, could it?  Wow, was I ever wrong!

The synopsis so far (no spoilers):

The drama sets up at Seungri High School, one of the worst academically ranked schools in the district, especially in Class 2 where all of our drama's sophomore students are enrolled.  It's not hard to see why.  The class is plagued by bullies, apathetic students, and funny characters more interested in their own entertainment than in school work.  Introduce our poor, belabored but ultimately optimist teacher Jung In Jae (Jang Na Ra), and it's plain to see that she's way beyond her depth at this school, or is she?  Her problems range from dealing with the troublemakers, pressure for her superiors, and the interference of new teacher Kang Se Chan (Choi Daniel).  Good thing she has the newly made class president on her side, male lead Go Nam Soo (Lee Jong Suk).

Why you should stop what you're doing and watch this immediately:

If you checked out at the words "high school drama," "bullies," or "[goody-two-shoes] class president," then think again.  School took me by surprise for a reason!  On the surface it may seem like typical drama fare.  But underneath and hiding behind many a plot twist, these characters are realistic, fleshed out, and deeply moving to watch as they deal with school and other students alike. The introduction of transfer student Park Heung Soo (Kim Woo Bin) threw off every preconception I had.

Now I'm waiting with bated breath each week, stalking the sub completion percentages to see what will be happening next to my, by now, beloved bunch of students and their harassed, but endearing teachers.  Never before has the pecking order of school bullies been as intriguing to witness.  Never before have I wanted to walk up to each and every character in a drama, give them a big hug, and tell them it's going to be alright.

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  1. I love this show. And you're totally right about that hug thing. Every time a see one of our characters being misunderstood I wanna say "Aww, come here" *hugs*. And I'm not even a very touchy-feely kind of person who gives out free hugs very often.
    And the bromance is so sad. I really hope next week's episodes will give us a little bit of cute so my heart could heal before it breaks again. Is that too much to ask?

    1. Siigh, I hope so.. If there's anyone I want to give a group hug to, it's those boys. :) And then leave them alone so they can just make up already! I also hope the show will keep up this pace. So far, I haven't really been bored for anything longer than 20 seconds.

      I'm starting to wonder if I should just stick to melodramas, or shows with deeper plots. Even the rom-coms that I mostly enjoy, I feel that it is a waste of time to watch every single second. I mean, I know it's all in the 'journey', but if I already know how it's going to end, I kind of want it to end already. :)

  2. I am trying to decide whether or not to watch this one or Chemdong Alice when I finish I Miss You. Hmmm... what to do...

    1. I'm also watching Cheongdamdong Alice. At first it was just sort of so so for me, and a little annoying. I was only keeping up because I couldn't watch School, hehe. Then, out of nowhere!! BAM! I got invested big time :O Now even my husband is watching this one with me. It's hilarious!

      But, you should check out School as well ;)

  3. I really like this show too! There's so many layers of each character, and many that has yet been peeled. Kudos to the writer for creating each character empathy-able. Even the bully Jong-ho gets an aww from me. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes wonderful, I'm just digging this drama so much right now.

    1. School has me so addicted still. I almost want to watch it all over again this week in preparation for next week, though of course it's not the same as seeing it happen the first time. I hear it might get an extension, either by 1 or more episodes.. Makes me nervous. On one hand I don't want it to end, but I don't want it to drag. Such a tricky concept.