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Rosie's Cuts: Full House Take 2 (2012)

 "Of Singers, Designers, Hair, and Fur: Cat Fur"

Full House Take 2
풀하우스 TAKE2

Let me start you off with a little story.  One night a few weeks ago, I was incredibly bored… that, or I’d just drunk a full glass of sake… take whichever story you like. But I began incredibly to watch a drama that for months I swore I’d never do. Full House. Take. 2. Let me clarify. I watched the original Full House nearly a year ago, and for completely different reasons I gave each of these a 5 out of 10 rating. The first because it was slow as molasses, and despite my love of the two leads (and surprisingly, their roles in the drama); the second because of hair, hair, and skinny pants. Why did I finish? I don’t even know, except to say that the last 10 hours of drama time I probably watched in 4 hours.

So Why Bother Reviewing This?  Simple. The Story.  Completely brilliant and inspired, with drama tropes never used before! Nope, not once. Ever. Because no drama lord has ever written a love triangle quite like this! Oh no, they haven't. ;)

Read more for my first ever Drama Recap, like you've never seen before!

Oh Man Ok and Lee Tae Ik meet as children at his house “Full House” after Tae Ik inadvertently helps Man Ok rescue a kitten. Bad news for these future lovers, Tae Ik is allergic to anything fluffy and cute. He dangles kitty in a horrible manner, and makes Man Ok cry.

Years later, Man Ok is a martial arts and fashion designer extraordinaire (only in  Kdrama, right?), while Tae Ik has become part of  K-Pop duo “Take One” with second lead Won Kang Hwi (Tae Ik + Won = Take One; get it?).  They’re naturally weird and antsy with each other because of an unexplained past, maybe something like the history of Man Ok’s rescue cat, because Kang Hwi also likes cats.

At a fan meeting, Kang Hwi torments Tae Ik by making him wear a fan’s homemade cat costume (get the theme yet?) made with some sort of real fur that makes Tae Ik break out into a rash.

Through some sort of drama shenanigans, Man Ok becomes the official stylist of Take One. She mostly deals with their wardrobe, but I wish she’d done something for their hairstyles. Of course, she’d need to fix her own first.

After a CF shoot, Man Ok gets lost in the woods chasing after a cat.  She falls into a huge pit (seriously, where did that pit come from and who dug it? A monster cat?), and expects Tae Ik to rescue her, and the cat of course. 

He refuses at first. After all, by now she’s going to be covered in allergy-inducing cat fur. 

But pity for the poor abandoned creatures, and this adorable cat face (I’m making this up as I go), makes him rethink.

By the time they get out of the pit (trust me, it takes another twenty minutes), Man Ok and Tae Ik have been left behind by the rest of the production crew, and have to break into their trailer to find a warm place to stay the night.  Well, Tae Ik makes the cat stay outside, and Man Ok with it, but after a few hours he comes out to check on Man Ok.  Inexplicably, he suddenly finds her attractive, and leans in for a stolen while-you-are-sleeping kiss. Until! Dun dun dun…

He finds the cat snuggled up warmly under Man Ok’s jacket.  I guess this kiss will wait for another day. The poor guy will be sneezing for at least the next 10 episodes.

So, a lot of stuff happens, and through some weird pranks and CEO bullshit, Won Kang Hwi is forced out of the group under allegations of him being gay. (By the way, aren’t you proud of me? I have completely resisted posting pictures of Take One’s totally hot kiss from the end of episode 1!)

Kang Hwi is forced into hiding inside Full House under the noses of both his CEO manager and former co-member Tae Ik.  He moves into a basement room, and to keep warm, finds and wears Tae Ik’s cat costume to sleep in.

Did I mention that Kang Hwi of course also has bit of a crush on Man Ok? Are you starting to understand how this love triangle works yet? Oh, but we haven’t even started yet!  Because Man Ok has full knowledge of Kang Hwi’s trials.  To keep him hidden and not starving, she decorates his room while he’s asleep, brings him food, and because Kang Hwi gets lonely during the day, she buys him a cat. Not that this is Tae Ik’s house or anything, or that Tae Ik will most likely sniff the cat (and Kang Hwi) out within no time.  

Who wouldn’t be delighted with this little bundle of joy?

“Nice to meet you, Chaton”

 The new kitten allows for plenty of more dramatic scenes to ensue, which is most likely why it was written into the script.  Kang Hwi sneaks out of his basement room to play with and feed Chaton during the day.

When Tae Ik makes an early and unexpected return visit, Kang Hwi and cute kitten are forced to play hide and seek together. 

To save himself, Kang Hwi  tosses the kitten out as a distraction, while he runs back into his hiding spot.  Man Ok, who is now living in the house pretending to be Tae Ik’s fiancé, gets all the blame for raising a kitten in his own home.

“How dare you raise a cat here! I hate everything with fur!”

She gets his grudging permission, but only because I think he realizes that there isn’t much of a difference between his hair, her hair, and the cat’s hair.

Meanwhile, Kang Hwi gets found out, but continues to live in the basement room that Man Ok decorated for him.  So he’s basically created this fantasy world for himself where he is the dad, and Man Ok is the mom, and Chaton is their baby girl. After giving Man Ok a quick peck on the lips, he distracts her with cuteness.


- “Chaton, look at your mom’s red face”
- “Mom?”
- “Yeah, you’re the mom and I’m the dad. You don’t like it? Should we just say brother and sister?”
- “Kang Hwi. Chaton is a male cat.”
- “Are you? You weren’t a girl? Who cares about what sex you are. You’re still cute.”

Nice cat-block there, Man Ok. I see you what you did. ;)

So will these two ever be reunited as a family?  Or will Tae Ik ever become non allergic to allow for more smooch time? How will it all end up?!?

To be continued….never, because I ran out of cute cat photos. L


  1. Wow... I don't think I can watch this. I can't survive the hair tragedy.

    "She gets his grudging permission, but only because I think he realizes that there isn’t much of a difference between his hair, her hair, and the cat’s hair."

    LMFAO!!! :P

    1. Oh, it's so bad...

      I assure you. I only "recapped" the best bits from the entire drama. :)

  2. You know, it's almost hard to hate this drama because it inspires such sassy commentary from people ;) Your recap is no end of amusing, and I'm fully behind anything that includes cute kitten pictures.

    It sounds like this show is the definition of "hate watch."

    1. I almost wish I could say all this was made up,^ but nope. Happened just like I recapped. :) But the fact that I can summarize an entire story with just cat scenes is terribly hilarious to me. I think "hate watch" fits this drama well. Exasperating, overly ridiculous, almost painful, but in no way droppable. I just HAD to finish, even if was the speediest fast-forwarding I've done since, well.. the first Full House. :D