Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[Blog Fun] Traffic Source Keywords 1

I get a special enjoyment at monitoring the traffic on my blog. How many hits per day, per week, what links brought people in, speculation about how many actual human eyeballs read my blog or if it’s all computer generated. I don’t even understand fully how it works, and believe me – when I started this blog I tried to learn. After several hours on the blogger backpage, I gave up. Come what may and all that.

More than the stats though, I LOVE seeing what actual search results brought people to my page. Some are obvious, and result in a huge amount of daily traffic. For instance, Dream High. One of my earliest posts on this blog and I barely remember writing it now except that it still gets tons of hits. I guess that’s a sign that I should write about more relevant and/or ridiculously popular dramas. (But then, what’s the fun in that?)

Other popular hits are for Cheongdamdong Alice and Bridal Mask reviews or synopses. Some people are apparently looking for some spoilery details on the end. Well, you can have it for Bridal Mask. My Cheongdamdong Alice review is a little more vague and on the professor-lecturing scope of things.

But then there are the hits that either make me laugh, or sigh for the poor people who were more than likely misdirected here. In honor of all you lost wanderers, maybe I can provide a little clarification about what you’ll find here on this little world I call ‘Shine a Light Rose’. At the very least, I can amuse the rest of you who read this regularly. ;)

Here are my Top 10 favorite search results:

#10 Spring Season

Oops. Sorry guys. If you wanted a definition of the spring season or pretty pictures of it, all you’re going to find are flower covered hills on an island off the southern coastline of South Korea. From a drama that has definitely got the sentiments right, I think your search words were a little too broad.

# 9 Full House Take 2

I wonder what people expect when they find this post waiting for them. Instead of relaying any facts about the drama, or even any decent opinions, what you get instead is an extremely snarky retelling of Full House Take 2 taken exclusively from scenes involving cats. There were enough for a whole drama. Don’t believe me? Do read about this adorable little kitten below.

Want the see the rest?

# 8 Pasta Korean Drama Not Chemistry

Why is it so obvious that the two leads of Pasta have no chemistry? Lee Sun Gyun and Gong Hyo Jin are totally adorable, and even have quite a few kissing scenes. Like, total make-out scenes! They’re awesome! One of my favorite ever couples in a drama. Nothing steamy mind, at least nothing that’s not coming off a frying pan or vat of boiling oil, but then isn’t that just too much to have all that in one drama?

# 7 Block B Sad Songs 

Are you trying to make me cry again? All you mean search result initiators? It’s true that the slower songs once made me weep a little about the current state of my favorite K-pop group, but Block B has no sad songs! Just songs about love! I even listed them for you on this blog as ‘Slow Romantic’ .

    ERROR #17620 BLOG SEARCH RECOVERY: “Block B songs (especially the slow sad ones)."

Alright. So you caught me. But I take that back! The songs aren’t sad. They just made me sad at the time. *sniffs*There are NOT any sad Block B songs.


[B-Bomb] Woah woah woah woah (U-Kwon: yeah)
[B-Bomb] Woah woah woah woah (U-Kwon: woah baby)

Sad Block B songs found. 

# 6 Lee Hi Eyes

Ehhh? Where’d you come from? Just because my current avi is a cropped picture from a live version of Lee Hi’s “Rose” (clever, aren’t I?). But I don’t think I’ve even talked about her before?!? I think there’s a couple of people with the last name Lee, and a drama that ends in High, but that’s about it. Lee Hi, it’s your lucky day. You and your crazy eyes (or contact lenses) are welcome to the blog family!

Courtesy of Nowhere on this Site Until Now

# 5 Rose Kdrama

There’s a drama out there named Rose? Gotta see this!--Ohhhh wait a minute… I bet my sister just misplaced my blog link address again… That girl…

# 4 P.O. (Block B) and T.O.P. (Bigbang)

Pretty sure I’ve never actually mentioned these two in the same post, but it’s a halfway relevant search. Guys, there’s nothing these two have in common. Except that they’re rappers in a K-Pop group, and have low bass ranges, and have letters for their stage names, and have never been seen shirtless. And since P.O.’s still basically jailbait for me, I’m grateful of that. Please don’t compare the two. Please. You’ll make our little maknae cry.

# 3 What do Japanese Think of Bridal Mask

You know what, that’s a damned good question. Just for you, I looked up the tiniest smidgen of information on this, and that is Joo Won’s popularity in Japan did not decrease after acting in Bridal Mask but actually rose. This shows that fans in Japan still respected him and his role despite the anti-Japanese sentiment this 1930s historical drama conveyed. 

Courtesy of ‘Kdrama Review: Bridal 2012’ which talks absolutely nothing about this topic 

# 2 How did Su Ho’s Father Die in Spring Waltz

For once, this a relevant and direct search result, which hopefully rewarded this studious netizen with the correct answer. I am genuinely impressed that I could impress. If you too are one of the hoards of people who have been asking this very same question, allow me to put your minds at ease and alert you to the news about these boys’ father.

# 1 Infinite Man In Love Cat

Hold up. I’m not the only person fixated on how Infinite’s music video featured so many gratuitous cat scenes? Not only did Simon and Martina of EatYourKimchi harp on this, but others are too?

*Searching for explicit picture*

Sungjong getting kinky with the cat. Now I understand…

Courtesy of ‘A Touch of K-Pop: March 2013

That’s it folks. Want more fun and excitement in the future? Keep the hits a comin’! And I thank all you lovely readers and wanderers alike!


  1. This is such a funny post. (And curiously larded with cats. I like!)

    One of the scariest search terms people use to find my blog is "Flower boy porn." And now yours, too ;)

    1. Oh dear... You and your smutty flower boy posts. I'm ashamed to know you. ;)

      I have been keeping a tally of some of my favorite search results for a while now. Last couple of days finally brought in enough that I just had to do this post on a whim. So much fun!

    2. Flower boy porn? That's....hmm, interesting XD

  2. Haha, that Block B one had me laughing.

    Sadly, my traffic source keywords have been quite ordinary. But I do remember someone searching "korean sex" or something a while back and this past week or so, someone has been very concerned with "is kim hyun joong married in real life". Other than that, I don't really recall anything very funny.
    By the way, "block b" and "block b nillili mambo" are one of the most popular keywords of all time leading to my blog.

    1. Makes you wonder just what people expect to find.... Lol

      Nilili Mambo <3

  3. I don't know about a Korean drama...but I do believe there's a Taiwanese drama called Rose actually ;)

    Now I want to do this! LOL. I find it slightly depressing that May Queen is one of my top hits still. I hated that series with a passion and some of my readers commented on my griping and whining about certain characters. But...that horrible, horrible drama gets a lot of search love for some reason.

    1. Haha.. I'm glad I never started May Queen. I heard enough early buzz about it that I was alllmost tempted. But the time commitment! Ugh.

      I looked up The Rose. Wow that sounds.. interesting, lol.