Friday, January 3, 2014

[Blog Fun] Traffic Source Keywords 2

It hasn't been quit a year since the first installment of one of my favorite things about blogging - the weird and bizarre search words that bring in viewers to Shine a Light Rose. And these aren't just those random ad sites that blatantly hype up your stats via computer generation in hopes of making me follow them back to their shady sources. No, it's the key words that proove that REAL PEOPLE occasionally pop on by. Lurkers who probably got lost. Welcome all! And I hope you stay! But uhm, what were looking for in the first place??

By the way, can I just get this off my chest? I'm a little embarrassed that the number one search that repeatedly crops up, and has kept this post in the No 1 spot for months(!) is my review of Taiwanese drama Easy Fortune Happy Life. Why? Because I completely skewered that show, and now that's probably the only impression some people have of me. Not that I care... *you lurkers you* Okay, but I do feel bad. It makes me want to cover more Twdramas and do it better. But, that requires watching better Twdramas, and at this point I'm not sure there are that many of them out there that I haven't already watched. Of those, I'm too intimidated to write a less than stellar review (I'm talking about you, Autumn's Concerto, and In Time With You).

Okay that's over with. Let's resume with my favorite 10 search words of the 2013.

# 10 Block B The Most Talented Group

Why what a great query. Yes they are the most talented group. Nope, I'm not biased either. Why is this here though, former lurker? Did you just need confirmation? If so, please check out my totally not biased assessment of them. 

#9 Crack Summer's Desire

At least this person got the whole point of the show. Indeed it was crack. I'm not sure how good a quality crack it was, but to each his own. Would you like to find out a little more about this 'crack drama' now? 

Continue on, please! More silly stuff to follow. 

#8 Spring Waltz Should Lay There

Come again? What should Spring Waltz do? "Lay there" you say? What's that even supposed to mean? I'm so confused. 

#7 Bridar Masce

I don't even know what happened here.. The weird thing is that somehow, even with atrocious spelling, this person actually ended up in the right place. Congrats you. Now, good luck reading the review you were presumably looking for, but I regret to inform you that I tend to be a good speller. I'm not sure if that's going to be a problem for you or not. 

#6 Drops of God Sandrone 

I'm not sure if this is just a very specific search, or a complete accident, but if you happened to be searching for the bottle of wine featured in this Jdrama, the bottle of Italian wine in question costs about $190. Phew. And that was one of the cheaper ones. 

#5 Mina Hongki Fiction

I can go two places with this one. Either A) This searcher believes that the We Got Married Global variety program with Hongki and Mina was all fictional. In which case: "YOU'RE WRONG THEY WERE TOTALLY IN LOVE AND IT WAS NEVER SCRIPTED! SHUT UP THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO BELIEVE!" (Excuse the outburst. I occasionally live in the land of denial..) Moving On. In the second case, maybe they were looking for fiction of the fanfic variety. Therefore, woaaaah... I don't write smut. Sorry. But try just re-watching the show! They were really cute. :) 

#4 I Love You Lee Jong Suk

My goodness, anon. I love you too! Oh wait, they weren't talking to me. *pouts* Am I the spokesperson for Lee Jong Suk then? I mean I love him too, but why direct such affection to my blog huh? I'll just take it that you and I could've been best buds because we share great taste in Asian actors. 

#3 Summer Desire Sex Scene

Dude. I'm assuming this made it here because of the Twdrama again, but... I'm racking my brain and I can't quite remember a sex scene in that show. So unless I missed it (quite likely actually because I snoozed through a lot of it), or it wasn't explicit enough to remember, or we are on the wrong page entirely. 

#2 I'm Trap.

Are you now. Well uhm, do you need some help getting untrap? Or should I just play some Henry on the loud speakers to inspire us all. Will that make it all better? Actually I was impressed by how well Henry perfectly pronounced his now signature phrase "I'm trapped" but then again, he's Canadian. 

#1 Block B P.O. He Will Never Have A Girlfriend

Awww, poor Jihoonie. Why do you say such a thing? I think he'd be an adorable boyfriend. Didn't you see him acting so cute in that MV for Kye Bum Zu? 

And anyways, how can you make such a claim without backing up your reasons? I will forever live in suspense now wondering just what you mean. Oh wells. At least he has Taeil. 

And that is all for this round of "Name That Keyword!" Hope to see y'all around again! 


  1. 1 and 8 made me laugh out loud, lol

    "And these aren't just those random ad sites that blatantly hype up your stats via computer generation in hopes of making me follow them back to their shady sources." Okay, these things seriously annoy me. I didn't even know they existed before starting a blog, but 95% of my views aren't actual people, lol

    1. Yup. It's annoying, but just part of blogging life. OH well. Makes the fun search words that much more awesome.

  2. Birdar Masce? Oh my, how did Google do that? Also Spring Waltz Should Lay There is pretty darn hilarious. Turns out people google sentences more often than I thought. Maybe I'm just an efficient searcher?

    Sadly the keywords to my blog isn't as glorious as yours. I'm slightly disappointed actually. The only one I found that's only slightly close is "ending reply 1994 to cruel for chilbong". Not as fun.

    1. Sometimes I have no idea how google works - or why people type in sentences. Sometimes I've even tried, wondering how well google will answer me, but it's usually fruitless. Or completely random.

      I have a lot of regular search words too, 95% percent probably. I just always keep an eye open for something cool and then keep a list so I can do one of these posts :P It makes my day.

  3. Hahaha XD Love these.

    Well, while "I love Lee Jong Suk" lead to your blog, for some reason one of the top search words lately to my blog has been "Lee Jong Suk plastic surgery". Dunno why tho, because I swear I haven't once written about his nose in my blog...

    1. I think any celeb is going to have a popular 'plastic surgery' fill in when you search their name. Poor dudes. As for why they get directed to our sites? Who knows. Hehe

  4. Hahaha these are great! And your comments on each one are really funny. Spring Waltz Should Lay There made me laugh so hard

  5. My favorite for our blog was "Lee Min Ho baby." I'm not quite sure what that means. We also have a LOT of people looking for kdrama sex scenes. What kinds of dirty minds do these people think we have?

  6. Hey Rosie,
    I just nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! Whoop whoop!!
    Here's the link for the details :))