Sunday, August 18, 2013

DRAMA CLUB: The Master's Sun, Episodes 1-2

Well now, I come here to introduce you to my latest Drama Club project on DramaFever.  This time, it's Kdrama The Master's Sun with two new bloggers (at least to my Drama Club) Drama Debussie and Vivi from Kdrama Fighting!

Behold! A new drama club has arrived!!

Here's last week's first impressions of The Master's Sun: Episodes 1 & 2

PLUS! The three of us discuss our favorite/frightening ghosts!

P.S. I have a love/hate relationship with the Hong sisters' dramas.  Okay, actually it's a like/hate thing, and I've got my fingers crossed that this time around they do the justice to the whole premise, and not just get lazy... *ortotallyridiculouslyf'eduplikeBigifyouknowwhatImean* :) 


  1. Sadly, I also have a like/hate relationship with the Hong sisters--as in, I HATED You're Beautiful, I liked My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, and I didn't watch Big because I knew it would just make me angry.

    I'm seriously holding my breath that they don't flush this one down the toilet because I don't know if I can keep my innate sarcasm down, but I also don't want to be murdered by angry fangirls if I don't like such a popular show.

    I guess we might just get e-murdered together if it comes down to it!

    1. Hehe.. We'll go down together if it comes to it then. I also didnt care for You're Beautiful, and I haven't yet gotten around to MGIAG. I'm holding out hope though that Gong Hyo Jin will be enough, if indeed the plot gets rocky. She allllmost saved The Greatest Love for me.. Just almost..