Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Having Surgery: Need Drama Recs

I'm about take another short vacation, an extended stay at the hospital. My favorite place. Oh the joy! But yes, I'll be gone for a bit, as I'm having a small-ish spinal operation tomorrow morning. 4 days admittance max, if all goes well of course, and then I should be home on bedrest for 2-4 weeks. You know what that means... DRAMA MARATHON!!! Give me recs. I'll need lots and lots of dramas to keep me entertained. I'm naturally a lazy person, but that's only by choice. Being forced to stay down may not really sit well me with (sit well... get it? Hah) 

Oh the horror! I will miss several of my
 currently airing shows! How will I live?

Fun Fact (sort of): I signed all the pre-op forms this morning. There's general anesthesia involved - of course one of the possible though extremely rare side effects could result in, dun dun Dun!... Amnesia! I barely resisted the urge to shout out, "So I could wake up in a Kdrama??"

I've actually got no real anxiety about this. Doctors have been searching for a diagnosis for 2 years, and for at least the past 10 I have consistently just ignored my physical condition, believing it to have no real cure and that it wasn't going to get any worse. Wrong! But I'm pretty confident that this will help me immensely, and it's not nearly as complicated as most "spinal surgeries" are made out to be. 

Now I just need to pack my hospital bag with books, lots of books. Because no doubt there will be crummy TV in my room that may or may not work, and if it works, it's definitely not going to have streaming Asian drama. 

See you on the other side, chingoos!


  1. Rosie have a successful surgery and even better recovery!! Hope everything goes well and that you'll get to spend that 2-4 weeks just enjoying dramas and being with loved ones :) You sound like you're in the right spirit - optimistic and cheerful - so all power to you in getting through this!

    Now about recommendations, you know I've to slide it in here haha... Okay, actually I don't really know what to recommend cos I'm watching really random things anyway. But I am homg LOVING Empire of Gold, but that one's a meaty watch so you might not be in the right mood... I would love to suggest Jdramas but the only one I have on my mind right now is still Osozaki no Himawari. Okay epic fail recs, I'm just gonna shut up now and wish you all the best !!! Keep us posted on your ongoings if you've the chance okie :) *hugs*

  2. Hope the surgery goes well and that you won't get amnesia :) Now you have a legitimate reason to stay in bed all day and watch dramas, ha.

    Drama recommendations? Hm, I have been a really slow drama watcher this year so I don't think I have anything good to recommend that you haven't already seen. But I remember you said you still haven't watched White Christmas, so I guess now is a good time to check it out.

    Get well soon, Rosie :)

  3. All the best for the surgery and recovery! It doesn't seem like you're watching Two Weeks, but I'd highly recommend it :)

  4. I'm in a drama slump and can't think of any drama to recommend that you haven't seen already. How supremely unhelpful I am. Oh actually, you never watched Cruel City, did you? I recommend that one. Good luck with the surgery! :-)

  5. take care! All the best for the surgery and a speedy recovery

  6. Rosie I wish for you a succesful surgery and a healthy recovery - I was going to say speedy but if I had a chance to sit and marathon drama after drama I would take my sweet ol' time. I took a look at your dramalist to see if there was anything you have not seen that I would recommend and found a few:

    Hotelier - for purely sentimental reasons I love this drama. It was the second drama I ever watched. It is dated and gets pretty melo but I have a huge soft spot for it.

    Nine - watched this a couple months ago and I think I can say it is one of the best dramas I have watched this year. Clever story. Well acted. A fun watch and Lee Jin Wook is pretty drool worthy.

    Reply 1994 - as a non korean I knew none of the 1994 k-pop references in this show but it didn't matter in the least it was still a very fun drama to watch.

    King Of Dramas - A clever BTS show about drama production that was fun and easy to watch.

    I recommended nothiing heavy since you will be recovering and light and fun should be the order of the day. I hope you all the best.

    Take care, Amy

  7. Feel better!! I hope all went well!! Rascals Sons was long (I think 50 episodes) and fairly entertaining with lots of pretty boys to look at. I'm watching Gu Family Book right now and it's pretty good, worth watching.

  8. I hope everything went well! Feel better!

    I haven't been watching too many dramas lately (studying for the LSAT and 45+ hrs of work a week doesn't lend much time for anything else but eating and sleeping, unfortunately). Regardless, I'm on episode 16 of Love and Marriage and it's proving to be one of the best rom coms I've watched in a longggg while, so I definitely suggest trying that one out.

    Also, My Daughter Seo-young has been good (from the few episodes I've had a chance to check out), though it's a long one and a family drama, and not everyone's up for that. Lastttt, I think you ought to give Nine: Nine Time Travels a shot too... I started to watch it before I cracked down on the studying, and it was definitely interesting.

    That's all I've got for now. You're wayyyyy ahead of me on the list of dramas watched, so I tried to pick some that weren't on your list already.

  9. I'm so late seeing this post that you're probably already home! I hope everything went well and that your recovery is all smooth sailing.

    Whenever I'm bummed/sad/uncomfortable, I find that a Coffee Prince rewatch is just what the doctor ordered. Or maybe this is your golden opportunity to try a daily drama, like <a href=">Ugly Alert?</a> Medically required bed rest must be the only way anybody ever watches those shows, so they're probably tailored for your needs ;)

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  10. When I'm sick I like to rewatch The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. I also like My Queen, which is a more melodramatic take on the same theme. Also It Started With a Kiss (which is excellent except for episode 2, which nearly made me quit it all together, I'm glad I did not) and They Kiss Again (which holds the record for the smoochiest, cuddliest, most affectionate drama ever).