Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Best of Asian Drama Moms (aka Happy Mother's Day)

So let me say something before we even begin:
Happy Mother’s Day!

This a gentle reminder for everyone with moms to give her an extra special hug today, and for those of you lovely ladies who are moms, well… as I said before, Happy Mother’s Day! What am I doing for Mother’s Day? I’m leaving the state and going on vacation without my mom (aiigoo.. eoma mianhamnida!) But because I knew this was happening, I decided to make this special tribute to her and great moms like her, who just so happen to be from the dramas. No evil conniving women in this post - this is dedicated to the best moms of Asian drama (that I have had the fortune to meet with).

Read on for my list of favorite NICE and FABULOUS drama moms on



  1. I agree with every single on of them (well, except maybe Court Lady Han but that's only because I haven't seen Jewel in the Palace). You've totally picked my favourite moms in dramas.

    I love that you added Mineta in the list, cause she had her hands full with those boys and made a wonderful mother to them, even though her kids were all basically adults. And, of course, teacher Jung. Though she wasn't technically a mother, she totally was in my eyes. And no list would be complete without Shi Won's mom. She's awesome, along with Shi Won's daddy. I'm glad you also added You Qing's mom. She isn't the one people first think of as the best mom, but she was hilariously sweet. And well, I think that Eun Chan’s and Kim Tan’s mother duo was the best thing to come out of Heirs.

    Thanks for this post :) You should do one for Father's Day as well :)

    1. Good idea to do one for Father's Day too!

      Hint hint - You should watch Jewel in the Palace. ;)

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