Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rosie Writes Fiction Now

How's my title for the post? Catchy? Do I have your attention now? I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but my blog feels dead. I can't coax the words out from my fingers to pen drama reviews. Same 'ole story, but for one thing I'm not watching dramas as fast right now. And for the few airing dramas I do watch a season, I think y'all and the rest of the blogosphere got us covered. The second reason, which I've hinted before, is that my writing feels a little dead. Without inspiration, there's a limit to the things I can bring myself to type about the dramas I'm watching, or the music I'm listening to.

Earlier last week, somehow, I mentioned to Jane how once upon a time I used to try my hand at fiction. Silly things, crack fantasies, romances more about life than love even. My last notebook that I've actually kept dates me back to about 12 or 14 years old. The stories were crap of course. I cringe now when I read through them. After that phase I moved on to essays, and by the time I was in college, essays were my jam!

Well here we are now. 2014, and I'm 26 almost 27 years old. In my head I don't feel older than 22. I've always had an active imagination. Halfway realistic stories of myself and people more famous than myself flit in and out of my brain at any hour of the day, and every month or so I consciously change up the scenarios, and the people, and do something freshen up my daydreams. Unlike the dreams of my youth though, these aren't exactly the go-to fantasies that rescue me from the daily depression of life. Far from it, because I don't need such diversion. But my creative mind never seems to shut up, and I've got to acknowledge that I've essentially been writing fanfiction in my head. So to make at least one person in my life happy (my sister, thank you for the support!) I'm bringing one of these stories to life.

Not Another Exo Fanfic... Seriously, it's not. My character seems very much like myself. I've deemed it 'slice of life' - whatever that may be, and put myself my character in as realistic a situation as I can muster - a visitor, roaming the streets of Seoul. It's my story and it's not. Less wishful thinking, more a creative vision of bringing scenarios to life, if such situations were to actually happen. Namely, if I a young woman ran into three members of Exo: Xiumin, Luhan, and the surprising lead to this story... Chen.

Read the forward below if you're curious, or follow the above link to my story's home spot on AFF.
Kindly enjoy, and/or don't judge. Lol

Strangers on the Street (Preview)

The pocket of her jacket buzzed. Another text from her sister back home.

"Helena! How's Seoul? Is it fabulous? Have you eaten any street food yet? Run into any famous idols?"

The girl was mad jealous at this lost opportunity for a vacation. It was audition season at home though. Losing a week of practice could mean a failed audition for university. She consoled herself by plaguing the traveler at every step of Helena's journey.

"I wouldn't recognize any non famous idols..."

An irritated emoticon followed up this response. Helena decided to use this opportunity to slyly doublecheck the maps option, desperately searching for a broader street that would lead her to safer, more familiar ground. She ignored the repeated buzzing, as text after text lit up the top of her screen.

I need to find my way out of here first. Your antics can wait a while longer.

Truthfully, Helena's senses were already overloaded. It was her first trip abroad, and she was a little wishful now she'd picked a place with a language she could speak. Growing up she assumed her first stop destination would be something of the likes of Ireland. In high school, thanks to an elective foreign language class, that dream became Germany. Post college, with the advent of her love of Korean dramas and music, a new goal was formed, set, planned, and finally executed.

Except that now she was lost. She'd been searching for a coffee shop for the past half hour.

"I made it!" she texted a little while later, delighted to be finally tucked away in a cozy part of the cafe, one jacket layer pealed off and laying across her lap.

"Lol... wave hello to Xiuhan if you see them getting coffee."

"Like I'd be so lucky."

Helena supposed the espresso she'd ordered wasn't quite as bitter as that one time she'd had it back home, but it still didn't leave a pleasurable aftertaste. 10 minutes later she gulped back the last sip, intent on getting her money's worth. With a jittery step she headed back to the counter to purchase a bottle of water, when an image in her peripheral vision caused her to turn, heart thudding.

I'm imagining things, she thought wildly, as a tall trio of boys rounded the corner of the coffee shop building and passed from view. My sister is putting images into my brain that aren't there. Ugh. Now's not the time to be having caffeinated delusions.

Helena mentally shook out her brain, and pointed awkwardly over the counter for a water bottle. After one fortunately soundless exchange of won and water, she stepped once more into the chill afternoon air... 

Chapter One


  1. You go girl! :D I felt a certain connection to it already because you chose to name the main character Helena (one of my online aliases), ha :D and I'm curious where this story takes us to.

    1. Thanks!
      Helena was also my first online alias. I've had a soft spot for it ever since. :)

  2. Fantastic job Rosie!! I swore to myself not to read anymore fanfics but I believe you might bring me back to it :))

    1. Haha thanks. :) I only kinda dipped into fanfics recently. I'm a picky reader- though the stuff I read isn't really similar to how or what I write. Bizarre.

  3. I'm impressed Rosie!!! :D You are a great writer & story-teller!

    1. Aww, thank you for that. All I know is that this seems a hell of a lot better than the last time I tried to write fiction hehe.