Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MDLer's Review KCON 2013 (Part 1 + Part 2)

Yes, I would post the picture all about food. ;)
Well, after all that promising I did about writing a million and one reviews for KCON 2013, it turns out that moving, having surgery, and a still slow recovery, mean that I'm more than 2 months late in even doing ANYTHING. You'll have to bear with my two cents as I help out fellow MDLers review various aspects of what happened and what we experienced at last August's biggest Hallyu convention in America!

By the way, it was super cool to get to meet some of these girls and hang out, plus the numerous other random fans (girls, boys, moms and dads!) with whom you can just walk up to and talk about... KOREAN things! Who knew! Btw, fangirls aren't nearly so scary in person. Well, some aren't. xD

MDLer's Review KCON 2013 
Part 1 + Part 2


  1. That was genius, but I still want a breakfast-to-bed review of your trip!

    1. Araseo!
      *begins to write*
      "Dear Diary, this morning I woke up and looked at pictures of hot guys, before boarding the plane to Cali...."

    2. XD

      (That's the only thing I can respond with. Yep. :D)