Friday, September 19, 2014

Where In the Dramaverse Am I?

Hello bloggers,
Remember me? 

I know. I barely remember myself either. I used to blog about dramas. I used to watch dramas with some regularity. Now I consider it a feat if I watch a few episodes of at least something a week. The world has turned for me, as I always knew it would, and once feared it would. Several years ago my thoughts were, 'What a sad day when I no longer find dramas so entertaining and/or thought-provoking as I do now!' A year ago, 'This can't be the end. I won't let it be the end.'  A few months ago, 'Yep, I'm passed it all. Such is life.'

I think I thought the process would be more depressing than it is. I still watch some things, I still find things entertaining, and I have not retreated entirely from this world I've created from myself. I just show it differently. Much differently. For anyone interested, here's a recap of my life for the last few months:

Korean Drama

I'm still plugging away at a few dramas, some of which I started a year ago!

  • Shin Don - This is my slow-mo historical drama I watch an episode of every few weeks because I need something grounding and completely devoid of romance. It's such a stark depiction of a court in turmoil, since the plot follows the Goryeo period before it transitions to the Joseon dynasty. Production values are comparatively low compared to sageuks you might see today, but that's because I believe they went all out in the plot and script. It's pretty heavy to watch.   55/61 episodes
  • Secret Love Affair - I acknowledge this drama is great, but like many of the heavier Jdramas it bears more resemblance to, it's a tough watch that I rather like savoring.  12/16 episodes
  • It's Okay, That's Love - I swear I only started this for the cast, but after four episodes I love it to bits, and I'm a little scared to go on. What if it disappoints? I will finish it sometime. 4/16 episodes
  • Fated to Love You - I am watching this slowly because of the OTP, and because Tumblr works as a form as advertising. Seriously, every time I see the leads together and acting cute, I go and watch another episode. And then I get annoyed at Jang Hyuk's acting and I need a break again.  4/20 episodes
  • Cinderella's Sister - The beginning is everything I could hope for in a drama, and the female lead every kind of grumpy and jaded, and everything you rarely see in a drama. Unfortunately it looks like the plot will turn cliche rather soon, and I don't know if I want to ruin it for myself.  6/20 episodes
  • Trot Lovers - I know, I know. This drama kind of sucks but I enjoy watching it with my husband every now and then for a laugh. I also know some spoilers for upcoming cliche plot 'twists' and boy, am I excited about that. *sarcasm* Chances are I won't be finishing this anytime soon  5/16 episodes

Drama Plans

There are plenty of shows I still really want to see - but with my slower watch rate, most of them are at a serious disadvantage. My biggest plan is to continue watching the Japanese taiga Yae no Sakura, of which I've watched the first two episodes and it is right up my alley. Actually there are plenty of Jdramas I want/need/should see. I just can't make myself sit down to watch them. 


Will I ever blog again? Write drama reviews? Who can say. I finished Cruel City a few months ago with every intention of writing a review, and then time got away from me. Like many things. I will need another spring of non-fiction creativity to blog like I used to, but if there's anything I know about myself, it's that I may plan one thing, only to never do it. Or I may plan nothing, only to do it the next day. 

In the meantime, I need a little encouragement.

Lack of interest in dramas is hardly a bad thing. I would say it's for the better because that is less time I spend watching a computer screen, only of course this isn't really the case. I have merely switched one form of wasteful pastimes for others. I expect to write more about these later, including my thoughts on the current landscape of K-Pop, social media, and... shock of shocks, maybe even my own life. 

I'm in a strange place right now. Somewhere I can't quite figure myself out and I don't know what to do with my life, so instead I flounder around trying to fill it with things I'm not sure are entirely important. 

In the meantime, I need sustenance. 


  1. Yeah, i think that time comes for everyone, eventually. Sometimes I think it's happened to me and then I realise it was just a slump, and a bunch of awesome new shows start and I'm happy again. I totally get what you mean about not knowing what to do with your life, because that's why I watch dramas. I don't really have anything else to do, so if i did lose interest in them or in k-pop, I'd have this gigantic hole to fill. Fill with what? Books? Cycling? I dunno. You know what though? You don't need to actually fill your life with important things. Most of life is inconsequential anyway. We live, we work, we die. May as well do whatever we want to within that lifetime until we find what it is that fulfils us.

    1. Cycling! Now that would be something different. Except, if it involves going outside, then nope. Not for me. I have a hard enough time going out once a day to walk my dog haha.

      This slump which isn't a slump because slumps are scary places to be, and I'm not scared - haha. I guess it's more of a re-direction, especially in the world of dramas. :) I'm still ridiculously plugged into Kpop related things (but only because of tumblr and fanfiction) and that is my ideal use of time spent relaxing. Also.. games. I just started the first Assassin's Creed and I hope it'll tie me over until Dragon Age 3 comes out, and then don't expect to see me anywhere online until I finish that! Haha

    2. Oh awesome! I always tried to get into gaming but I always just got bored. Like, i'd play for a while and then I'd get stuck in a certain stage and just give up, lol. Plus, you know those shooter games? I am so bad at them, I scream when i get shot. And i get scared because I can't see around the corners, lol.

      One of the reasons I'll never have a dog again is the whole walking thing, ha ha


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  2. Hey Rosie! Glad you're back! Ugh, drama (and blogging) slumps are not so great. But it happens. I know how it feels. Here's to hoping you'll get back into the swing of things! Or not, no one is forcing you. Maybe watch movies in the meantime?

    And concerning It's Okay That's Love, it's great and I couldn't recommend it enough, especially if you liked the first few episodes. Although a word to the wise, save some tissues especially for later episodes. You'll be thankful you did.

    1. The weirdest part about this slump is that most of the ones I was in before were times when none of the airing dramas interested me. Now though, there are tons of dramas I WANT to see, or finish, but then I just wander around and do something else lol. There are a few movies I plan to watch soon.. any recs though?

      And okay - I will finish it soon then with no guilt because I seriously loved it. I've got my tissue box by my chair too so I think I'm good to go!
      Thank you! :)

    2. I'm terrible at recommending movies! Also I haven't really watched any movies recently (I rewatched The Graduate which is better the second time around, if you're interested in that). A funny Korean one that gets me literally rolling on the floor laughing is My Girlfriend is an Agent. Kang Ji-hwan is always good on a rainy day.

      Also, I nominate you for the Sunshine Award! Maybe it will help the blogging rolling?

  3. I forgot I haven't finished Secret Love Affair...hmm, I really need to get on that, but I think I'm like you, it's a little too heavy for me at the moment. I know I watched Cinderella's Sister, but it's been so long since I've seen it so nothing really sticks out. I don't think it ever went anywhere too interesting.

    The dreaded drama slump, it's hard to get out of. I remember a few years ago I only got halfway through every drama I picked up, even if it was interesting, I just couldn't finish it. Sometimes you just have to step back and when the urge hits you, it hits you and if it doesn't, I guess you've just moved on. Good to know you're still around though, hope you'll return to drama watching soon.

    1. I have that feeling still. Like I REALLY want to watch this is and it's SO GOOD. And then I just meander away and never get around to it.

      I'm thinking about making a change soon and Get back to drama watching!!!
      Lol Look at my resolve. Oh well. Fighting! And thanks for the encouragement. :)

  4. Argh this is what happens when I post while half-asleep. I don't know why my site name came up instead of my username.

  5. It's something I sometimes fear, to fall out of love with the KDrama world - and to lose all of my incredibly dear friends that come with it. If it does happen, though, I know that it's just "life". We live in phases, and sometimes a phase ends and a new one begins. Saying goodbye is always hard, but the next phase will be just as interesting, I am sure. Hwaiting!

    1. If I count all the 'phases' I've been through, I'm sure there are so many I've forgotten most, or I can't remember the order. Weird, but yes that's life. :)
      Who knows. I may not be past it yet. I'll just have to wait and see what this phase morphs into ! Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. I've been watching for dramas...wait, how many years now? 5?6?...Anyways, as I'm reading what you said about how it's a feat if to watch a few episodes of at least something a week, I realize that I've been doing that for years now.
    Despite being relatively active on the blogosphere and Twitterverse, I actually don't do that much drama watching as you'd expect from a drama fan. It was only back when I just discovered dramas that I actually watched them like there was no tomorrow. But these days I actually do most of my drama-watching on the weekends and unless I *really* love the show I don't watch more than just a couple of episodes. That's why I always progress so slowly with my shows. However, I don't think it necessarily means that I'm losing interest, but it's more that I now know that I can love dramas without being super obsessed.
    Also, you say you're still watching dramas you started a year ago...well, there are over 60 dramas in my ON HOLD-list, all of which are all dramas that I'm still planning to complete, even if I haven't seen a single episode of some of them in years. But this is just how I roll: I watch what and when I feel like.

    So what I want to say to you, Rosie, is that maybe it's totally normal to be feeling the way you do now. To me, a lot of these things you said sound reasonable because that's actually the kind of viewer I've become over the years. I think that being a drama fan doesn't mean you have to watch a lot and you have to watch often, but simply find what you enjoy and enjoy it in whatever pace seems right for you :)
    My advice is: don't get too hung up on what kind of a drama fan you were before, but rather what kind of a fan you are now.

  7. Hey again, Rosie!

    I just wanted to let you know that I also nominated you for The Sunshine Award. Even though, you're in a slump, it still might be a fun distraction for you. So if you're in the mood, I've got some really...erm...interesting questions for you to answer:

  8. found your blog and can't help to be amused on how you review dramas, i'm a kdrama addict too and i must say i just love to watch them since it made me lose myself for a while, i'm too lazy to write a review even though i have always wanted one. Just curious why you stopped blogging since the last post is almost years older. i hope you are still passionately watching dramas.

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